Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 5 & 6 Gent, BE to Rouen, FR to Paris, FR

Day 5 Gent BE to Rouen FR
Julie / Nico / Robin. Music. Foods. Cats. check oil and water, air in tyres.

We woke up the next day and were treated to a breakfast of coffee and pastries. We didn't have a show today so we were going to drive to Rouen to stay with our good friend Nico (Seal of Quality), who we have toured with before. We said our goodbyes and set off at around one, Rouen was about four hours away and we wanted to get there in time to cook Nico and his housemates an evening meal for having us stay, and for previous times we've visited. We wanted to buy some Belgium beers because they are super cheap in Belgium (obviously). We went to a supermarket called Colruyt and bought enough food to feed the 5000 and a lot of very good, very cheap Belgium beer. I think we're going to come to one of these supermarkets again on our way back to Calais and STOCK UP!
We arrived at Nico's at about six. It was great to see Nico, Julie,  Robin & their two cats. they were moving out of their really nice farm house where they have been for a the last few years, so everything was in boxes. We spent a couple of days here on our first tour of France and it was really nice to be back, shame it would be for the last time. We cooked a huge meal of pasta and vegetables drank some of the beer and wine we bought. Most of the vinyl records had been packed away and moved to their new homes, so we spent the evening listening to the leftovers, which we actually pretty good. We went to bed at about midnight to the gentle sounds of Devo. I'm glad we managed to get an early night.

Day 6 Rouen FR to Paris FR

Oh, how we enjoyed waking up late after an early night. Another sign we really are ageing! We were in no rush whatsoever today as we were heading to Paris, only a two hour drive away. Easy. Crawling out of our sleeping bags like snails sliding out of their shells, we headed straight for the shower (separately of course) followed by some fresh coffee and croissants prepared by the lovely Julie. We stayed for lunch with the rest of the house, who were still in full swing of packing up the house. To celebrate everyone moving out, lit sparkers were put into bread like candles in a cake and a verse of french song sung to a backing track of Phil Collins. Only after this were we allowed to start eating lunch… awesome.

We eventually said our goodbyes and headed to Paris. The last time we played in Paris, the traffic was such a nightmare that we vowed to never play in Paris ever again. But then we played the show… It was bloody great! So we quickly retracted our bold and definitive statement to never play Paris again, and unanimously agreed (easy when their's only two of you) to play in Paris the next time we toured. The show was put on by Eric, Camille & the really nice guys who make up 'En veux-tu? En v'la!' (who we played for last time) and they surely look after you with their lovely food spread. Delicious! We were disappointed that Camille wasn't wearing his personalised Brian Eno Nike trainers but very happy to be at La Canitne de Belleville.

The other two bands also playing were 'Michel Anoia' from Lyon, France & 'Under the Pledge of Secrecy' from Aachen, Germany. Really nice guys, both playing really fast Grindcore. Everyone was in great spirits and it was a good atmosphere. We smashed through our set with some broken English/French banter along the way. I guess we played well enough to warrant us having to pull a really old song we haven't played in 2 years out the bag to satisfy the hungry French. We surprised ourselves we remembered 'Lungy Media'. Thank god for muscle memory!

Camille without his Brian Eno Nike trainers.
With the night all done, everyone packed up and all headed off to the outskirts of Paris to stay at a squat that would house all 11 of us. We learned that a French man actually really enjoys English food - this is a rarity to hear as most don't enjoy it so much - gravy being his number one. A beer and some table tennis later, we went to bed with smiles on our tired faces from a pretty sweet day.

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